Four Part Travel Guide to Cornwall, England

The harbor at Polperro, on the south-east coast of Cornwall.

Cornwall, once independent, potentially may become the next part of Britain to regain a degree of semi-independence (as has already happened with Ireland, Scotland, and Wales).  It even has its own language, once moribund and now being revived.  The Cornwall region (called Kernow by the locals) has a very different ‘feel’ and character to it.

Cornwall is a fascinating but strangely also often overlooked part of England when people plan their travel itineraries.  Perhaps this is because visitors to Britain mistakenly view it as being remote and ’empty’, lacking in compelling reasons to visit.

We disagree.  We think Cornwall is teeming with amazing sights and sites, with wonderful things to see and do.  It is steeped in history and mystery, crammed full of Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and with more picturesque charming little fishing villages than probably any other part of Britain.

It is also the starting (or finishing) point for the classic ‘From Land’s End to John O’Groats’ road trip of Britain, and as such is prominently featured in our June 2018 Grand Expedition of Great Britain.

Curious to know more about Cornwall?  Please now click to visit our new four-part travel guide to Cornwall.

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