2016 Danube Christmas Cruise – New Itinerary Never Before Offered

The Parliament in Budapest at night - we include a lovely Christmas Lights night-time cruise around Budapest on our first day of the cruise.
The Parliament in Budapest at night – we include a lovely Christmas Lights night-time cruise around Budapest on our first day of the cruise.

Here’s a wonderful Christmas Cruise – our favorite tour of all time – and this year with some exciting tweaks and changes to the itinerary.  It gives us more time in key destinations, and some new destinations we’ve never featured in earlier cruises, while omitting the least enjoyable of the commonly included stops.

Oh – and did we forget to mention that it can be yours with a massive 40% discount off the regular published cruise price!  Plus, as always, there is a series of other Travel Insider exclusive benefits and bonuses, too.

If you’ve come on one of our Christmas cruises before, here’s a chance to come back and both see more of the places you like the best and also to see new places that you didn’t visit last time.  If you’ve never enjoyed a Christmas Markets cruise before, here’s an even better itinerary than ever before, offering you an enhanced experience.

For example, in the past, we typically miss both Linz and Passau because we do an all day side-tour by coach to Salzburg.  This year, you can do it all.  You can spend time in Linz and Passau plus also go to Salzburg, too.  Another example – normally we go straight past Durnstein in the UNESCO World Heritage listed Wachau Valley without stopping; this year we stop and you have a choice of two different Durnstein tours so as to experience this charming little town.

We also have more time in both Budapest and Vienna, the former twin capitals of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and, best of all, we omit the crowded crush of Nuremberg entirely.  Instead, the cruise ends in Vilshofen, and as a Travel Insider free bonus, on the day the cruise ends, you can optionally experience a coach tour/transfer, going first to wonderful Regensburg, with a chance to visit the Christmas Market I believe to be the absolute finest of all the markets in Europe, and then traveling on to Munich, a much nicer ending point than Nuremberg.

Nearly everyone usually does our Prague pre-cruise extension too, and that’s on offer also, with a weaker Euro flowing through to our Prague option pricing, adding further to the high value wonderful experience you can enjoy this early December.  The tour is sandwiched nicely between Thanksgiving and ends ten days before Christmas – allowing you to skip the worst of the Christmas crowds back home, while not missing out on family events either side.  Depending on how many days you choose to spend in Prague, you’d leave the US probably on Sunday or Monday, 4 or 5 December, and return back home on or after Thursday 15 December.

Full details here.  We only have limited cabins and the 40% special is due to expire at the end of August, so if you would like to participate in this great pre-Christmas experience, please respond quickly!

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