Balkan Cruise from Bucharest to Budapest Aug/Sep 2016

A curious conflict of 19th century Belle Epoque and 20th century communist style buildings co-exist in Bucharest, Romania's capital city.
A curious conflict of 19th century Belle Epoque and 20th century communist style buildings co-exist in Bucharest, Romania’s capital city.

One of the most requested Travel Insider tours has been for a repeat of our 2007 cruise along the Danube east of Budapest.

Now, after nine long years of waiting, we have it available again!  (In case you’re wondering why we delayed so long, there were some problems with the itineraries being offered by the cruise lines, but now, at last, Amawaterways have rejigged their itinerary to make it exactly as we’ve been requesting.)

Visiting the Balkan countries in SE Europe is never easy, but always interesting.  Based on reports from readers and even from locals, much of that region is not safe, and those areas which might be safe are generally poorly developed and lacking in tourism infrastructure.  That’s a great shame, because the area is rich – albeit not in material things – but certainly in history, culture, and natural beauty.

Sometimes crowded, but not always, this shows you the Danube in the ‘Iron Gates’ region.

Without a doubt, the best way to comfortably and conveniently tour this region is to do the same thing people have done for millennia – travel through the Balkan heartlands along its most vital pathway – the Danube River.  But unlike the travelers of yesteryear, we can do so in supreme comfort on board a ‘super cruiser’ – the Amaserena, with 82 luxurious staterooms that becomes our floating hotel for the one week cruise.

Wait – there’s more.  How about a pre-cruise extension up into Transylvania and to Dracula’s castle?  Yes, be sure to pack your silver crucifix and garlic necklace if you’re brave enough to risk the vampires that might be in the Carpathian Mountains and Transylvania!  Plus options after the cruise – either a chance to continue on the Amaserena, westwards through Austria and Germany for another week, or a lovely final couple of nights in Vienna.

As always, we have a special deal to offer you, plus a really super deal for our single travelers too.  And, most of all, the promise of another lovely shared experience with a group of like-minded fellow Travel Insiders.

A group of Travel Insiders enjoying a great dinner and great companionship on an earlier cruise.

Please read all about the cruise here, with a complete day by day itinerary here.

And please, most of all, do come along and join in this great experience.

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