Newsflash – An Amazon ‘Black Friday’ Deal You Should Consider

The lovely new Amazon tablet, now with an even lovelier price.
The lovely new Amazon tablet, now with an even lovelier price.

Happy Thanksgiving

I just stumbled across a stunning short term deal from Amazon on their new Fire tablet, and thought I should interrupt your eating to tell you about it immediately –  I’m not sure how long it will be available for.  Amazon’s deals tend to come and go fairly quickly during their ‘Black Friday’ promotion (which this year actually runs for a week or more in total).

The new Amazon Fire 7″ tablet normally sells for an already stunningly low $49.99, but now is on special for $34.99.

I first previewed this tablet here and subsequently reviewed it here.  But to save you wading through the lengthy articles on a day when you’d rather be busy eating, here’s the executive summary :  I have one myself and like it (although I prefer the larger 8″ tablet, but that is more expensive).

If you don’t already have a tablet, rush to your computer now and get one (or more!) of these.  If you already have a tablet, consider getting a ‘spare’.  If you’re starting to think about Christmas gifts, at $35 a piece, these become stocking stuffers.

A particular strength of this tablet is its Micro-SD card slot, combined with Amazon’s Prime offer of downloading movies to watch offline.  If you see value in being able to download up to 25 videos for free and watch them offline subsequently (ie when traveling), then this unit with its Micro-SD card capability is a great way of doing that.  Most other tablets don’t have external storage and to provide sufficient built-in storage for 25 movies blows out their price very much more than buying a Fire and a 64GB Micro-SD card (available for under $20 on Amazon).

Really, I should stop writing and you should start buying.  At only $34.99 for a modern state of the art tablet, this is a stunning deal.






ps :  They have deals on their Kindle eReaders too – their entry level Kindle is now $49.99 instead of $79.99, and the Paperwhite is $99.99 instead of $119.99.  Many of us though will decide to simply read books on our new Fire tablets, but if you want a dedicated eBook reader too (or instead of a fuller featured regular tablet) we’d strongly recommend the Paperwhite in preference to the entry level unit.

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