Stop Press : Amazing Business Class Sale to Europe – On Sale Only Today/Tomorrow!

Whether it is on an A380, a 747, or any other of BA's fine planes, here's the best deal I've seen in a long time.
Whether it is on an A380, a 747, or any other of BA’s fine planes, here’s the best deal from BA I’ve seen in a long time.

I got a heads-up advice from Joe Brancatelli this morning about a short two day sale on business class travel from the US to Europe, and am in turn urgently sending you out a special bulletin.  British Airways is offering business class travel at astonishingly low fares, and with a huge travel window, from most if not all of their US gateways, and not just to London but to many destinations all over Europe.

Even more amazing – while the website talks about fares for $2015, in actual fact, many city pairs have fares down as low as $1611 – yes, for pennies more than coach class, you get to enjoy business class on British Airways.  Oh, and those fares include all fees and taxes and surcharges!

And travel dates?  Wow.  Travel any time from 16 November this year through 31 August 2016.  So whether you want to go to London for some Christmas shopping, to Holland to see the spring tulips, or to many other places for a summer vacation, BA has you covered.

What is the catch?  Availability is of course limited (but actually the various sample itineraries and dates I looked at all had great availability), you have to buy your tickets today or tomorrow (the fares disappear at 11.59pm Friday, Eastern time), changes will cost $500 or more and might not be possible, and the fares are nonrefundable.  It seems the longer you stay, the higher the fare.

Full details on BA’s website.

Here’s a thought :  Why not take advantage of these fares to fly in the relative luxury and comfort of British Airways’ business class to come on our December Rhine River Christmas Cruise?  (If you’re going to do that, you might want to book the BA flights to London and then buy a separate ticket from London to Basel or Zurich and back to London from Amsterdam.)

The regular newsletter will follow Friday morning, of course, but I thought you needed to know about this great deal early so as to have a chance of getting seats if you want them.

3 thoughts on “Stop Press : Amazing Business Class Sale to Europe – On Sale Only Today/Tomorrow!”

    1. Hi, Jerry – I understand your caution and astonishment. Read the fine print for yourself, but my take is they are indeed roundtrip and do include all fees, taxes, fuel supplements, etc.

      And several Travel Insiders have already written to tell me they’ve bought them, exactly as advertised.

  1. Hey, people: Listen to David when he gives you such a good lead, and act on it fast. I went on BA site at midnight, and the business fare to Cologne *next March* was LESS than coach. I waited until morning to ask my wife. Gone… now $3000 more. Lesson learned.

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