The Best Tourism Business Opportunity I’ve Ever Come Across

The Kingston Flyer, just south of Queenstown in New Zealand.
The Kingston Flyer, just south of Queenstown in New Zealand.
Beautiful Queenstown, NZ's most popular and beautiful tourist region.
Queenstown, NZ’s most popular and beautiful tourist region.
The vintage hydrofoil, Manu Wai, seen here on Auckland Harbour.
The vintage hydrofoil, Manu Wai, seen here on Auckland Harbour.
Driving a vintage car around the beautiful region is another activity visitors will be offered.
Driving a vintage car around the region is another activity visitors will be offered.
The included Kingston Tavern & Cafe will be popular with passengers and cyclists alike.
The included Kingston Tavern & Cafe will be popular with passengers and cyclists alike.

The train is just one part of a new rich variety of experiences offered in the 200 acre Kingston Heritage Park.
The train is just one part of a rich variety of experiences to be offered in the 200 acre Kingston Heritage Park.
I’ve been involved with the international travel industry for close on 30 years, not just because I like to travel, but because I see it as almost the only industry that continues to promise strong growth, and which can withstand the attacks of offshoring, automation and computerization.

During the last three decades, I have encountered many ‘sure to fail’ tourist ventures. Much more rarely, I come across a ‘sure to succeed’ activity, and find myself wishing ‘why didn’t I think of that myself’.  After 30 years of research and review, I believe I’ve now found something that is about as close to a ‘sure to succeed’ activity as anything ever can be, and – best of all – this time it is indeed something I’ve thought of myself (well, yes – admittedly with the input and assistance of many other people too).

I’ve been working on this project all year.  Why am I telling you about this now?  Because I’m looking for help and advice.  My readers include many who have long experience as investors and as investment advisors.  Can you join me in bringing this exciting project to life, whether by advising how best to fund it or by getting more personally involved yourself?

The business venture is located in Queenstown – New Zealand’s prime tourist region, and builds on one of the country’s best known and most loved tourist icons – an old steam train railroad, the Kingston Flyer.  But whereas in the past it has been operated unimaginatively as a single ‘one dimensional’ product – a short train ride from almost nowhere to absolutely nowhere and back again, the ‘secret sauce’ that makes this new venture so exciting is the adding extra layers of activities and experiences to the core train ride, and the huge pool of potential passengers in the Queenstown region.

For example, a vintage hydrofoil will spectacularly speed passengers across the lake from Queenstown’s central wharf to the wharf adjacent to where the train is based, doubling the total experience.  A further option would allow people to drive a vintage car around the beautiful region for an hour or longer – perhaps a convertible XKE Jaguar in the summer, and a stately old Rolls Royce in the winter.

Not content with offering people three forms of vintage transportation experiences, a fourth opportunity would be a flight in an old plane, ranging from an open bi-plane through to one of the first enclosed cabin planes (capacity – 8 passengers), built in the 1930s.

There’s more.  Much, much more.  Adding a gourmet dining carriage to the train.  An overnight sleeper train experience.  Self-drive rail cars (a bit like golf carts that go along the track).  Other tourist activities on the 200 acres of land included with the business (that already comes with 9 miles of track, two vintage locos, seven carriages, two stations and one tavern).  256 ft of lakefront facing property just begging for a nice hotel.  Tying in with a new national cycleway.  Extending the track to the next small town (I’ve even been offered a free bridge to span the river that currently prevents the track continuing further, as well as extra locos and carriages).  This is much more than just an old train – in total, I’m calling the new development the Kingston Heritage Park.

The Queenstown region has over 10,000 tourists in it every day, and sometimes as many as 60,000 visitors.  Tourism to New Zealand as a whole is steadily rising and is the country’s second largest industry, and Queenstown’s tourism continues to grow faster than the country as a whole.  The Kingston Heritage Park needs to share only a tiny slice of these tourists to ensure its success.

Would you like to know more?  I’ve everything from short summaries to 250+ page business plans!  Please let me know….

2 thoughts on “The Best Tourism Business Opportunity I’ve Ever Come Across”

  1. Rolfe Shellenberger

    My wife and I have been to Queenstown 5 times. Needless to say, it’s a favorite part of the world for us. Our collective ATW trips reached 12 (2 for me alone, 10 with Madge). While I can’t promise more ATW trips, I try to keep up with what’s going on. And I can always enjoy vicarious visits to New Zealand, from both photos and rich reports like yours.
    Rolfe Shellenberger

  2. Great idea’s David. I love the Flyer and it’s very sad seeing it wasting away, it’s more than just a train and it’s a great railway setup. Iv’e never understood why no one operated a boat service from Queenstown as it’s Queenstown that’s the key to success. Good luck, I’m watching closely!

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