Another Medical Bulletin 27 June 2014

In pre-op a couple of weeks ago.  Chemically enhanced smile - note use of my new music player to try and reduce anxiety level.  It worked well.
In pre-op a couple of weeks ago. Chemically enhanced smile – note use of my new music player to try and reduce discomfort level.  It worked well.


It is six long weeks since my world changed, massively and unexpectedly, when I fractured my ankle in multiple places while mowing the lawn.

They have been difficult and uncomfortable weeks, marked by multiple surgeries, and now two plates and 18 screws in my ankle bones.  But I’m told that I’m on the road to recovery, although it will be another four weeks before I can start to put any weight on my ankle at all, and an unknown amount of time and possibly additional surgeries before I can walk more or less as was formerly the case; and meantime I continue to need to keep my leg elevated in an uncomfortable position all day every day, making it impossible to sit at my desk and work normally.

The good news is that yesterday saw what I hope to be the end of taking narcotic pain meds – a much looked forward to event, because now it not only gives me a clearer head, higher energy level and better focus, but also means I can safely enjoy the occasional beer in the evening once more and I plan to celebrate accordingly this evening with a lovely drop of local microbrew IPA.

My focus now is no longer merely on enduring an awful process but on proceeding forward through rehabilitation and physical therapy, and ‘becoming normal’ once more.  Unfortunately, that won’t be an overnight transformation, and it will continue to be difficult for me to work until I can sit at my desk and enjoy my multiple screens, ergonomic keyboard, and everything once more, but while slow in coming, this positive outcome is now seeming more certain.

As you may have noticed, I sent out a review of the new Amazon phone last week, and today I’m attaching a piece that brings you up to speed (if you’re not already) on the new eTaxi type phone apps that finally promise to transform an industry desperately in need of change.

I also wrote, back on 11 June, the first part of what will be a new series on the latest state of the art digital music players.

My desperate hope that high quality music would help me through the worst of my latest operation and recovery proved to be true, and on the traditional ten point pain scale (and, alas, I now know what a 10 on that scale can be) I’d guess that the simple act of listening to good music can slice easily one, probably two and possibly three points off one’s pain level.  Highly recommended if you are anticipating or experiencing a similar harrowing time.

My sense, though, is that you most want a return to the weekly newsletters and their compendium of analysis and opinion on current events in the travel industry.  It is what I eagerly look forward to returning to, as well, but doing this requires an intensity of focus and breadth of data access that has simply not been possible for me up until now.

My objective is to return to weekly newsletters on Friday 11 July.

One more thing to draw your attention to.  We’ve a lovely group of people coming on our New Zealand tour this October, most of whom I know because they are on their second or subsequent Travel Insider tour.  From my personal perspective, best of all is that I am increasingly confident that while I might be hobbling along rather than gaily skipping, I’ll be able to lead this tour as I’d always hoped to.  The tour is definitely proceeding.

So if you’ve been thinking of coming but holding off to see if it is truly proceeding or not, the good news is that, yes, it is proceeding, and you’d be most welcome to join your fellow Travel Insiders on this celebration of one of the world’s nicest and most beautiful countries, while enjoying some of its finest food and wine.  Details here (note the signup form has been giving some problems, so if you get an error message, simply send me an email to let me know you’d like to come along).

Please enjoy our summer, the 4 July weekend, and travel safely and well.  I’ll be back on the 11th.







3 thoughts on “Another Medical Bulletin 27 June 2014”

  1. Margaret Mackenzie-Hooson

    Very very good wishes that the recovery speeds along, and that music continues to sustain you–from Auckland where I am on a sunny breezy morning after thunderstorms and downpours. Perhaps you’ll notice how expensive it is here now: the NZ dollar up to 87+ US cents, so prices for restaurants really make an impact. But the food as you know is good, and much wine excellent.

  2. Please don’t rush it, take your time. I hope your healing well. Had two screws in and was freaking out. So lucky there is the internet. Noticed I had trouble with all the medication upsetting my digestion therefore my healing. So suggested Greek yogurt yet I took probiotics to help with re-balance my digestion.

    Oh I got compression socks which helped a lot with swelling and support when I started putting weight on the ankle. Sending you healing thoughts on a speedy recovery.

  3. David, Get well soon – Thankfully no fractures in your hands and head remains sound within. Cheers, Uncle Sam

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