New Zealand Epicurean Extravaganza Tour, October 2014

Share great times, great food and great wine with great people.
Share great times, great food and great wine with great people.

New Zealand is unquestionably one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and compresses a wider range of scenic splendor and natural beauty into its tiny size than you’d normally find in countries tens and hundreds of times larger.

Where else can you travel from snow-capped mountains and world-class skiing to beautiful sunny sandy beaches in less than a day; from majestic misty first-growth bush covered fiords to the marvels of geysers and boiling mud pools, from one coast and the Pacific Ocean to the other coast and the Tasman Sea, seldom much more than about 150 miles apart?

New Zealand now offers wonderful dining in beautiful settings, indoors and out.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a place so blessed with the best that Mother Nature can bestow upon a region also enjoys some of the world’s finest foods, and wines too.  While NZ fresh vegetables, produce, fruit, vegetables, meat and fish has always been of highest quality, it is only in the last decade or so that the country has seen an enormous development in food preparation and presentation, and now offers some of the finest dining of anywhere in the world.

The country has always had a strong appreciation for beer, but now is increasingly dedicated to the careful curating of world-beating wines, a fine complement to a fine meal, and of course, wonderful at any time or on any occasion.

While now a sophisticated destination in many respects, the NZ version of a traffic jam is sure to bring a smile to your lips.

As a New Zealander myself, I’ve put together the best possible blend of sightseeing, dining and drinking, and with a careful balance of group enhancements and personal freedom to see and do exactly what you wish.  Built around the country’s annual Food and Wine Classic Festival, and with optional extensions to ensure you get to see and do just about anything and everything you’d hope to see and do, this is a wonderful treat for Travel Insiders.

Please go visit the main page that explains the dates, inclusions, and all other details of the tour, and follow the links from there to the daily itinerary page and the supplementary page about the pre and post tour options.

I hope you will choose to join a small and obviously elite group of your fellow Travel Insiders and me on this wonderful experience.


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