Admission and Docent Guided Tour of Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield innovated 'open' zoo exhibits, and has many world firsts in its history.
Brookfield innovated ‘open’ zoo exhibits, and has many world firsts in its history.

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Here’s a treat for the whole family – up to two adults and two children can experience a docent-guided tour of the Brookfield Zoo (, one of Chicago’s great institutions.

You and your three guests will spend up to three hours on a guided tour with Tim Scott, a volunteer who has been a docent at the zoo for about 25 years.  On this tour, you will go to the exhibits of your choice and Tim will talk about the animals in that exhibit and their environment, as well as answer questions you or your guests may have.

There's something about animals that captivates children - and adults too.
There’s something about animals that captivates children – and adults too.

Before the tour begins, you can discuss what animals you want to see in the zoo, as well as what buildings you want to see–or not want to see (yes, many zoo visitors skip the houses that have snakes–and that is okay).

You and Tim will agree upon a day and time to meet.  You are responsible for getting to the zoo and wearing appropriate clothing (the zoo is open every day of the year), as well as your meals (you can bring a cooler of food in with you).

The tickets you will be given will allow you in the zoo for the entire day, so you can spend three hours with Tim then spend the rest of the day seeing the rest of the zoo.  The zoo covers 216 acres so there is a lot to see.

If you do not live near Chicago, this can be part of a wonderful weekend seeing Chicago :  Spend a day at Brookfield Zoo then go see the lakefront and all it offers.

You can enjoy this experience during the remainder of 2013, or from late spring through winter of 2014.  We’ll put you in touch with Tim to work out the best time for you all.  You may enjoy this experience yourself or give it to a friend.

We ask that you agree not to request a return of your much appreciated contribution if you or your chosen designee(s) are unable to use this opportunity.

To bid, please send us an email stating your opening bid (higher than the current bid shown above, of course) and the maximum bid you would be prepared to go up to.

If someone outbids you, we’ll counter on your behalf in increments of about 5% of the current amount bid, or $5, whichever is the lower, until such time as either you regain the upper hand or your maximum bid has been exceeded by the other bidder.

If your maximum bid is exceeded and you lose your winning bidder status, we’ll email you so you have a chance to respond further.

You can return to the main auction listing page here.


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