2014 Discounted Christmas Cruise Now Available

Pictures of some of the 60 Travel Insiders enjoying their 2013 Christmas Cruise.
Pictures of some of the 60 Travel Insiders who enjoyed their 2013 Christmas Cruise.

Our splendid 2013 Christmas cruise finished earlier this week, and we’re already able to now offer you the details of our 2014 cruise.

Best of all, it can be yours with a massive 30% discount if this is your first Amawaterways cruise and an even more extraordinarily generous offer for repeat Amawaterways cruisers.

Cabin rates, including all meals, generous drinks with both lunch and dinner, off-ship touring every day, and several Travel Insider exclusive bonuses, start at less than $20o0 per person.  Port fees, and (of course) air fare are additional.

In 2014 we’ll cruise downstream for a change, from Nuremberg to Budapest, and will offer the ever popular Prague option after the cruise.  In addition, you can also choose to spend time in Munich (and even Zurich too) prior to the cruise.

Yes, this does mean that if you’ve done an up-stream Christmas cruise before, it would be a good idea to now do the downstream cruise.  Some Travel Insiders are now making repeat Christmas cruises a family tradition – you should, too.

So why not give yourself a wonderful Christmas present this year – a Christmas cruise for next year.

Full details of the cruise, a day by day itinerary, and a photo-diary of a previous Munich/Nuremberg to Budapest and Prague cruise are now all available here.


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