Shifting Smartphone Market Shares – And Look at What is Missing

Samsung now enjoys a market share two and a half times the size of the iPhone.
Samsung now enjoys a market share two and a half times the size of the iPhone.

Apple’s iPhone continues to attract a disproportionate share of media attention (and rabid fans), so it is interesting to contrast its dominant role as the media darling smartphone and the reality of its market share.

Data is now in showing smartphone market shares for Q2 this year.  According to IDC, Apple’s iPhone took a 13.1% share, and according to Strategy Analytics, it had a 13.6% market share.  Both firms agreed this was the lowest market share the iPhone has had in three years, with iPhone sales growing at ‘only’ 20% year on year, compared to an overall market average of 47% – 52%.

The largest market share went to Samsung, estimated to have either a 30.4% or a 33.1% market share.

As for the other three manufacturers in the ‘big five’, they were LG, Lenovo and ZTE with 5.1%, 4.7% and 4.2% shares respectively (all up from their shares in the same quarter last year).

If we include sales of all phones, non-smart as well as smart, then Nokia belatedly puts in an appearance in the number two spot, nudging Apple down to number three, and Lenovo drops off the list entirely.

That’s all very interesting, perhaps, but look at what is missing.

  • First, there are no Japanese companies on the list, not even Sony.  They are all Chinese, Korean, or American (Apple).  Sixth place is also Chinese (Huawei) and seventh place goes to Alcatel (French).
  • Second, on the smartphone list, Nokia completely fails to appear.  It is still selling cheap phones, but even with Microsoft’s help and funding, remains unable to break into the big time with smartphones.
  • Third, there’s another once dominant name not on the list, either.  Blackberry.  So much for their new products released in January.
  • Fourth, other than Apple, there isn’t a single US company listed.  No Motorola.  No – hmmm.  Can you even think of a former big US name in cell phones?

One other point of interest.  This is the second quarter in a row where smartphones outsold simple phones.

More details here.

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