North Korean Travel Diary Now All Online

With a fellow tour member at the Mass Games, an extraordinary experience that exceeded everyone’s expectations.

It took a long time, and I hope you’ll agree it is worth it.  Spanning 11 pages, and comprising 176 photos and almost 35,000 words, there is now a very detailed and complete review of our 2012 North Korean tour available for you to browse through as you may wish.

Plus there’s a bonus link to a photo website with more than 1300 extra photos of North Korea submitted by members of our group, if the first 175 get you wanting to see more.

You’ll find many of the commonly held ‘truths’ about North Korea to be resoundingly rebutted by the reality experienced by the 35 of us, and others confirmed to a partial extent.  You’ll also see that we don’t claim to now be North Korean experts – in part, the more we saw and did, the less certain we were of what we could be sure about.

We can say that we found the people to be almost always friendly and welcoming; the environment to be safe and clean; the food to be anywhere from average/okay/ordinary to actually, on occasion, surprisingly good; the hotel to be adequate and comfortable; gift and souvenir shops to be abundant (!); and the tour as a whole to be easily experienced and enjoyed.

But don’t just take my/our word for it.  Come and see for yourself, on our 2013 North Korean tour!

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  1. My wife was briefly in a wheelchair with broken ankle. An airline attendent told us that many more people use wheelchairs to board than to after landing..

    Re electric motors for taxiing, they’re deadweight when airborne, inclreasing fuel consumption. (Link broken so I couldn’t read the cited paper to see what the tradeoff is.)

    I’ve ridden on quite a few Amtrak routes and generally satisfied with the service, especially considering the constraints on funding and imposed by the freight railroads.

    Some restaurants already charge less for lunch — albeit with smaller portions.

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