A Great Value Christmas Markets Cruise

I’m enjoying a souvenir mug of hot gluhwein at the Regensburg Christmas Markets – come share one with me this year.

The most popular and ‘best’ tour we offer is our Christmas Markets Cruise.  We’ve been enjoying these for eight years, and every time is always a wonderful experience enjoyed by all who travel with us.

We’ve suddenly been offered a very special deal for a cruise this year by our long time cruising partner, Amawaterways, and so although it is fairly short notice, we’ve decided to offer another Christmas cruise this year, because the deal is too good to turn down.  Hopefully you’ll feel the same!

The cruise is seven days and nights from Budapest, west along the Danube, to Nuremberg, and we offer a pre-cruise option in Prague for two or more nights to extend the experience still further.

You’d need to leave the US on or before Tuesday 11 December to join the ship in Budapest on Wednesday 12 December, and you could fly home from Nuremberg (or possibly Munich) any time on/after Wednesday 19 December.  Leave the US two or three days earlier if you’re including the Prague option.

The special deal?  Save $1000 per person off the regular brochure rates.  Save even more if you are traveling as a single.  And if you’ve been with Amawaterways before, there’s an extra $100 saving for being a past passenger.

Plus, as part of the Travel Insider group, you’ll get a free side tour to Salzburg (about a $100 value) and a free cocktail reception on the ship too.

I hope to have a chance to share a mug of gluhwein with you in Europe this December.

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