What to Include in a Car Emergency Kit

Some of the things you should keep in your car emergency kit are shown here

I nearly died of exposure a week or so back.

Well, okay, so I’m exaggerating somewhat.  What happened was my car broke down and I had to park it perilously close to fast traffic zipping by.  The car’s problem was a failed alternator, which resulted in a dead battery and subsequent engine failure, so I couldn’t even turn on the emergency hazard flashing lights to hopefully help make the car more obvious and to encourage other vehicles to keep clear.

So, and in fear of being clipped by one of the cars or trucks rushing past, I left the car and stood on the side of the road for greater safety, while waiting an hour for the tow truck to arrive.

I was wearing only a short sleeved shirt, and the weather was cold and windy, and I was a very miserable motorist by the time the AAA tow truck finally arrived and I could eventually clamber into its nice warm cab for the drive of shame back to the dealership.

Sure, I had a first aid kit in the trunk of the car, and a flashlight somewhere too (I think).  But neither flashlight nor bandages would keep me warm or dry in a case like this.

As I shivered on the side of the road, I had plenty of opportunity to dwell on what was not in the car, and what should be in the car, resolving not to be caught out again next time.  And so now, here’s an article on the topic of creating an emergency kit for your car, including a checklist of items for you to consider including in your vehicles.

2 thoughts on “What to Include in a Car Emergency Kit”

  1. Hello David! I’d also like to add that it is advisable to have a good pair of walking shoes. This is especially important for ladies (like me) who tend to wear heels that are not practical for walking long distances.
    Thanks for taking the time to put this comprehensive list together! -Sandra

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