Beat Gas Station Ripoffs With GPS Based Realtime Gas Price Apps for your Smartphone

Don't end up paying way over the odds for gas

I wrote a week ago about being tricked/trapped into spending $5.80/gallon for gas (when the going rate everywhere else was $3.80 or less) while returning a rental car to Orlando Airport.

The good news is that the relentless march of modern technology increasingly offers us solutions to such problems.  In a new article, I detail four different types of products that can give you real time information, in your car, telling you what local gas prices are, and where the stations are located.

Not only will this save you massively when traveling, but it can also help you keep up to date with which local gas stations have the best deals any time you need to top up your tank.

Best of all, some of these products (including the best of the bunch) are completely free.  So what is the catch?  Actually, there isn’t really much of a catch at all; it is one of the benefits of the amazing age of location based and mobile data services that we are blessed to live in.

So go read my article, and make sure you’re well equipped to never get caught (as I did) with a lack of knowledge about nearby gas station locations and their prices.

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