Special Travel Insider Tour to North Korea

One of North Korea’s spectacular and colorful parades

UPDATE SEPT 2012 :  Our first North Korean tour has now been completed, and was a great success, enjoyed by all 35 people who traveled on it.

We have managed to secure approval for a second tour in 2013.  We’ve updated the article below to reflect the 2013 tour.

Yes, you read the headline correctly.  The Travel Insider is going to North Korea; and you’re invited to come along too!

Fewer than 2,000 westerners are able to visit North Korea each year, so you’ll become one of an exclusive ultra-small community of people who have actually seen North Korea in person, rather than relying on the not always accurate news reports (usually narrated by people who have never visited North Korea, either).

This tour, which starts and finishes with flights to and from Beijing and Pyongyang, is in early September, and is timed to have us there during one of North Korea’s largest festivals – their National Day (Sunday 8 September).  We also hope to have an opportunity to see one of their Guinness Record breaking extraordinary extravaganza ‘Mass Games’ (Arirang) shows, and will incorporate a wide variety of experiences to showcase North Korea to you.

We’ll see the USS Pueblo and view the DMZ at Panmunjom, and we’ll go to places which have barely seen 100 western tourists in the last 100 years, as well as touring through the capital city with its massive monuments and memorials.

Oh – one thing you’ll not see on the tour?  McDonalds!  This is a very rare opportunity to visit a part of the world that has yet to experience the ravages of western ‘civilization’.

For more details, and to join this very special tour, please see our webpages all about our tour to North Korea this September (now updated for 2013).

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