A Different Way to Travel – by Motorcycle

The open road, fresh air, blue sky - what could be a finer way to experience your travels

Most of us, when planning our travels, instinctively limit our transportation selections to planes for long distance and cars for shorter distances or for traveling around the destination we reach.  But there are other alternatives that – for some of us – might be of great appeal.

Traveling on a motorcycle is an exciting and unique way to see the world.  Who wants to be bogged down in a plane or car?  With the wind in one’s hair and the open road before them, this is a way to get the blood pumping and to really feel alive.  The following are some of the reasons to think about choosing a motorcycle for part or even all one’s next trip.

A Flexible and Free Way to Travel

The great thing about a motorcycle is that it is an intimate vehicle.  There is nothing between a person and the road and world around them.  You’re not looking at the scenery through the windows of your car, and your view isn’t obscured by metal pillars and other parts of the vehicle.  You’re able to fully experience the sights, the sounds and even the smells of the areas you’re visiting.

There’s a subtle additional benefit to motorcycle travel as well.  If you’re touring with a motorbike, you are forced to limit the amount of ‘stuff’ you travel with.  For sure you’ll have no problem keeping your luggage allowance on any flights under 50 lbs.

Easy to Get Around on a Motorbike

A motorcycle is easy to ride or drive, whether it be your own or a rental motobike in a distant city.  Best of all, finding parking is easy since a motorcycle is smaller than traditional vehicles, and in dense traffic, using a modicum of caution, it is possible to zip through the stalled traffic on your motorbike.  Motorcycles generally qualify for car pool lanes and reduced toll fees too.

Safer than People Think

Talking about exercising a modicum of caution, a common misconception is that motorcycles are risky or unsafe.  This is simply not true.  As long as a person wears a helmet, wears at least some protective clothing, and drives defensively, you have pro-actively reduced your risks considerably.  Furthermore, it is of course important to get appropriate and motorcycle specific insurance from a place like MotorcycleInsurance.com, allowing one to explore the world in a safe and effective way.

Motorcycles are safe, easy to drive, and even easier to park and store, and offer a very different way to travel around the world.  They can be enjoyed by both men and women of all ages and backgrounds.  Motorcycle based touring can be a chance to experience the world up close and personal and without any boundaries.

It seems that with the aging population of baby boomers, many of us are recalling the glory days of our youth, which in many cases involved a motorbike, and are now indulging ourselves with motorbikes all over again.

Renting Motorcycles

Your normal rental car companies usually don’t rent motorcycles.  You’ll need to seek out specialty rental companies if you’re wanting to go touring on a motorbike; of course many cities and regions also offer scooter rental by the hour or day if you simply want to hire a scooter for a few hours on a nice day to cruise around an area.

In the US it is possible to rent full size motorbikes such as Harley Davidsons as well as Honda Goldwings and other well known brands.  Harleys are not so common in other countries, but you’ll still have a good range of bikes to choose from.

Rental costs are considerably higher than for cars, but you’re changing from simply renting a functional device to get you from point A to point B, and instead are enjoying a more complete experience, where ‘the journey is more important than the destination’.

Traveling with your own Motorcycle

There are motorcycle clubs around the US that go on tours all around the world.  They arrange transportation for members’ bikes, and you as members simply fly to wherever the touring will be, and meet up with your bike upon arrival.

This is a very convenient way of touring on your own personal motorbike rather than on a rental bike you’re not so familiar with.

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