Merry Christmas – Friday 23 December 2011

My daughter, Anna, and I, snowmobiling in the mountains east of Seattle earlier this week

Good morning

Christmas is almost upon us – time to start checking out the emergency online stores that offer Saturday delivery if you’ve not yet bought everything on your gift list; or even to – gasp – brave the malls one last time.

Talking about Christmas gifts, there was a surprising gift from Amazon this week.  Now you can buy one of their extraordinarily great value Fire tablets, and then load software to read other eBooks from other eBook sources.  The Fire no longer restricts you to only Amazon’s eBooks.

Considering that Amazon is probably selling the Fire at best for no more than breakeven, and is relying on the future revenue stream from selling eBooks, music, video, etc to be read/listened/watched on the device, this is a very brave and customer-friendly move on Amazon’s part.  And, of course, another reason to go get a Fire.

There’s no newsletter today – as you can see, my seven year old daughter and I have been enjoying an early Christmas vacation together, and I suspect the last anyone wants to do today is read another and often dispiriting recitation of much that is wrong in the world of travel and too little that is right.

However, I didn’t wish to go silent on you  – it would be excessively curmudgeonly of me not to wish you the very best and merriest of Christmases this year.  Whether you too have been celebrating Christmas early, or if you will observe it exactly on time or even late, please do have a time filled with joy, good spirit and good cheer.

And if your day feels empty without a full Travel Insider, here’s a fun site courtesy of Boeing, allowing you to spend too much time designing your own 787 airplane exterior.

I’ll be back next week with one last newsletter for 2011, including an exciting list of Travel Insider touring plans for the year ahead and then we’ll all move forward into 2012.

Until then, please enjoy safe travels







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