A Fun Reason Why You Should Hope for Awful Gifts this Christmas

Wyndham Hotels offer a fun way to benefit from unwanted gifts this Xmas

Bah, humbug.  Sadly, Christmas is too often filled with a struggle to buy gifts for people we feel obliged to give something to, without really wishing it to be anything special, and/or without knowing for sure what they really want and would like (in the price range we’ve set ourselves).

Then, come 25 December, the problem flips around, as we in turn get all sorts of things that really we have no interest in at all and would much prefer not to have received.

Some we store away in the dark far reaches of a closet or attic, some we simply junk, some we return for store credit, some we alas have to keep and use because the people who gave us them are closely integrated into our lives, and some we recycle as gifts to others next year.

Wyndham Hotels have come up with a fun way to celebrate the worst of the gifts you receive this Christmas.  Upload a photo and brief narrative of the worst gift(s) you’ve received to their ‘My Horrible Holiday Gift’ page, and you become eligible to win prizes ranging from $50 and $100 gift cards up to a grand prize of two million Wyndham Reward points – sufficient to get you either almost a year of free stays at their hotels around the world (actually, 333 nights) or $8000 in shopping cards.

The winners will be judged based on online voting, so needless to say, it helps to get your friends and family (everyone except the person who sent you the gift, of course!) to go to the site and vote for your gift to improve your chances of winning.

So turn lemons into lemonade.  And if you’re one of those naughty people who open your presents early, you can already upload your gift photos.  The last day to upload photos is 10 January, with the online voting period from 17 – 23 January.

More details here.

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