How to Plan a Trip to Australia

Not all of Australia is desert - and even the desert is sometimes interesting!

I wrote – and occasionally add to – a series about planning a trip to New Zealand a while ago.  I’m now embarked upon the process of a matching set of pages of information about traveling to Australia.

In case you’re wondering about my selection of a picture showing dry and relatively featureless Australian desert to illustrate this blog post, the point there is that some parts of Australia – indeed, the very greatest part of Australia – is relatively boring and not somewhere you’d want to spend too long in.

On the other hand, Australia is also full of some of the most marvelous scenery you’ll find anywhere, as well as many different climatic zones, charming rustic country towns and fully sophisticated international cities as great as any in the world.

It is a wonderful country to visit, with a charmingly friendly and straightforward population, and all the more so when you know where to go and what to see and do.  Hence this new article series now.

A while ago I wrote two pages on when is the best time to travel to Australia, and now I’ve added two more pages about how to plan your trip to Australia.

I’ll continue to add extra pages from time to time, with the next ones expected to be on the topics of how long to spend in Australia and typical itineraries of where to go.

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