TSA Agent Test Smuggles Gun Many Times Through Body Scanner

Tsapictureb We all know the TSA miss about 20% – 25% of objects in X-rayed carry-on bags, but the TSA claims their new X-ray machines that take whole body pictures of travelers see everything hidden beneath our clothes.

I've said this is rubbish, and have in the past posted links to various scholarly articles and real world tests showing how easy it is to smuggle objects through an airport X-ray scanner.  But, until now, none of these tests have actually involved the TSA themselves.  Until now….

In this news story, it is reported that a woman TSA officer hid a pistol in her panties and then went through the X-ray machines at DFW many times without the gun being detected, ever.

So why exactly are we accepting possibly dangerous doses of X-rays if the machines don't actually make us any safer?

When asked to comment, the TSA uttered an offensive non-response that treats us with contempt, because clearly we're not entitled to anything other than non-responses and lies.  They said

We regularly test our officers in a variety of ways to ensure the effectiveness of our technology, security measures and the overall layered system.

For security reasons, we do not publicize or comment on the results of covert tests, however advanced imaging technology is an effective tool to detect both metallic and non-metallic items hidden on passengers.

So X-ray scanners are an 'effective tool'?  But they didn't detect this woman's gun even though she walked through the scanners repeatedly!

If that's an effective tool, I'd sure hate to see an ineffective tool.

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