How to Travel the World On the Other’s Guy’s Dime – book review

Schneider001b Something most of us merely dream about is regularly traveling around the world, for months at a time.  The reality is that few of us can afford either the time or the money to indulge ourselves in such extravagances.

But what if someone else was paying you to do this?  Impossible, you say?  Not so.  In his book On the Other Guy's Dime, author and Professor G Michael Schneider distills the lessons he has learned over the course of fourteen international trips over the last 30 years, ranging from as little as one month up to as long as eight months, and explains how you too can have other people pay your travel costs, your living costs, and additionally pay you a salary too for doing work for them at your destination.

While some of this is most applicable to university professors, Schneider fills his book with broad advice to all, and gives suggestions and tips for where to find such travel opportunities and how to maximize your chances of winning such a fantastic arrangement.

The book is well written, clearly set out, and fun to enjoy simply as a travelogue, as well as inspiring and motivational.  Read our full review for more about On the Other Guy's Dime and some supplementary suggestions.


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