Facebook Challenge – Win a Free Trip for Two to Britain

Page19b Facebook continues to be a bit of an impenetrable mystery to me, although I do now have some sort of rudimentary Facebook page up and there is hopefully even some sort of Facebook ‘Like’ link on this message (please do join up and follow The Travel Insider Facebook page).

If your knowledge and participation in Facebook is somewhat greater than my own (and it could hardly be less – I need a 'Facebook For Dummies' book.  Hmmm – there actually is one, and writing this inspired me to now order a copy), then here's a fun way to play with Facebook and possibly win a trip for two to Britain in the process.

You know the saying about how there's no more than six degrees of separation between any two people in the world – and probably fewer these days?  Well, Facebook and Visit Britain want to test that out, and so they are posing a challenge – they will give you an image of another Facebook user, and (assuming you don't know the person yourself directly) you have to get your connections – the people who follow you – to either recognize it or pass it on to their connections, and so on until someone tells you who the image is.

The person who can identify their mystery image the fastest wins a trip for two to your choice of either London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow or Cardiff.

The competition is open from now through 13 March.  And note carefully – it is the person who does this the fastest, not the soonest, who wins.  So you don't have to rush to join the competition now, and indeed as a bit of gamesmanship, you should first pre-advise all your contacts to be looking for the image from you at a certain time, and choose a time of day when most of your contacts are likely to be online (ie, if you are on the west coast of the US, do it in the morning or afternoon, if you are on the east coast, do it in the afternoon or evening).  Then sign up for the competition and activate it at the time you told your contacts to expect to hear from you.

You sign up from this page :  http://apps.facebook.com/unitetheinvite.  Needless to say, you have to be a present Facebook user.  It doesn't really matter if you have a lot of friends following you or not, just so long as some of your friends in turn have lots of friends!

Good luck.  And if you should win, why not use your free trip to Britain as a springboard to come join us on our 2011 Scotland's Islands and Highlands Tour.

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