An Alternative to the Present Ineffectual Security Madness

Veiledwomenb As longer time readers will know, I write weekly about the problems with present airport security, and security in general.  Goodness only knows there’s always a surfeit of ‘security horror stories’ to parade in front of you.

So I feel compelled now, as what is the fifth part of a general series on the present problems with airport security, to also add some specific positive suggestions about how to do these things better.

What I suggest would de-emphasize the deliberately in-your-face security farce that we must endure at airports, and substitute instead much less visible actions.

Unfortunately, for the idiots among us, the less palpable nature of more effective security is not as reassuring as being felt up at an airport by someone in a blue uniform with a shiny badge.

Needless to say, very few Travel Insider readers are idiots.  So please read and consider my suggestions for how to truly secure our nation and how to best wage and win the war against terrorism.

1 thought on “An Alternative to the Present Ineffectual Security Madness”

  1. I agree with everything you’re saying in part 5 of the series, right up until the last line. Deploying Predators to destroy training camps is necessary but let’s not delude ourselves. The camps are highly mobile, and there are an awful lot of deserts (or deserted spaces) around. More worryingly, there are also an awful lot of villages whose innocent residents can be turned into human shields.
    And of course many of the terrorists, in Europe particularly, are home-grown. Combatting them raises all sorts of legal and human rights issues, as witness the UK’s continuing debate over control orders, pre-trial confinement, etc.

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