Baileys giving away 250 roundtrip air tickets each worth $500

Baileysb Baileys – the people who make 'The Original Irish Cream' are holding a competition for ten weeks; and each week will give away 25 free roundtrip air tickets, with a value of up to $500 each.

If you'd like to enter to win, you need to be over 21, and have to answer two questions on their Facebook page.  The two questions are 'Who do you want to spend time with?' (presumably the person you'd travel to see) and 'How do you enjoy Baileys Original Irish Cream?'.  You need to write between 50 – 250 words.

The sooner you enter, the more weeks you'll have a chance of winning – all entries that don't win each week roll over to the next week.

Details at and click the Contest tab.


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