The world’s most expensive speeding fine – $1,007,500

Mercedesslsb A motorist in Switzerland zipped past numerous speed measuring radar devices on the A12 highway between Bern and Lausanne, but they couldn't measure his speed because he was going faster than the maximum speed they could record.

Finally a newer speed radar unit with a higher maximum limit clocked him at 180 mph, on a road with a posted maximum of 72 mph.

When eventually stopped by police, the man said the speedometer in his new Mercedes SLS must have been faulty.  The speedo shows speeds all the way up to 225 mph, and the car is electronically speed limited to 197 mph.

In Switzerland, speeding fines are calculated on the basis not just of how fast you are going but also how much money you earn.  Apparently the driver must have a good job, because the formula ended up suggesting his fine should be $1,007,500.

More details here.


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