Mark your Calendars for National S’mores Day

Chances are every day of the year is a
special day for someone or something, and come 10 August, it is the turn
for National S'mores Day.  Indeed, those who know about such things
(I wonder who 'those' are – other than the public relations agency that
sent me a release about this – a check on

shows an astonishing 149,000 pages on the topic, but no Act
of Congress to make the day truly official) are claiming the entire
month of August as National S'mores Month.

There are special events at
Skyland Resort in Shenandoah
National Park
on 21 August and possibly
Mesa Verde National Park's
Morefield Campground
too, although I can't find anything on their
website about this.

S'mores trivia – The Girl Guides claim to
have invented the recipe, first publishing it in the 1927 Girl Guide
Handbook.  There are now plenty more recipes (Google
shows 220,000 results) – who would have thought that such a simple thing
was capable of so much variation and elaboration!  Basically you
toast marshmallows, then sandwich a marshmallow with some chocolate
between two halves of a graham cracker.

Oh – you want some more (the phrase which
gave rise to the name S'more) on the topic?  Well, on 30 August
there is a related holiday, National Marshmallow Toasting Day.

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