How and Why Air Fares Change When You Go to Book Them

Chances are that sometimes when you go to
book an airfare that has just been quoted to you on a travel web site
only a couple of minutes before, you discover that somehow the airfare
that seemed to be available only a couple of minutes ago has now
disappeared.  Needless to say, the new replacement fare is almost
always higher.

How does this happen?  A typical flight
sells only one seat every two days – what are the chances of the fare
disappearing in the two minutes between when it was shown to you and
when you go to book it?  Is this just very bad luck, or is there
something more nefarious afoot?  Is this a modern high tech version
of 'Bait and Switch'?

To get the answers to these questions,
please visit the new feature article on our website 'How
and Why Airfares Change When You Go to Book Them

3 thoughts on “How and Why Air Fares Change When You Go to Book Them”

  1. This is interesting as far as it goes. But I had that happen on the airline’s website! It was so far in advance I waited and the price went back down.
    Incidentally, you didn’t mention ITA just got bought by Google.
    PS – it’s nice to finally be getting the full text newsletter again. Reach around and pat yourself on the back.

  2. Recently had fare…no longer be available…twice on
    Air New Zealand US site, but was patient & eventually
    found even lower fare within a day or two! Both on individual airline & consolidated travel sites you have to react quickly IF you find really good fare; have credit card at hand & complete booking as
    quickly as possible so you’re not timed out etc.

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