Two Bargain Priced Products

I wrote a week or so back about the BlueAnt Q1 Bluetooth headset, and at the time deemed it to be the best headset I'd yet encountered.  The best price I found it for was about $60 on Amazon.

Thanks to reader Paul for sharing his find – it is currently available on this site - - for $23!  I've bought from that company myself on several occasions, and had no problems.  At $23, it is a brilliant price and makes a compelling reason to buy one (or more than one).  The site says 'last day clearance sale' but it has been saying that for a couple of days, so it may still be available for another few days, but hurry if you'd like to buy one.

Here's my review if you'd like to hear recordings of its sound quality and noise cancelling, etc, before you buy it.

Thanks also to reader Bill.  I've a series on speech recognition software two thirds published at present, and there's basically only one product for people to buy – Dragon Naturally Speaking, and of its various different versions, the 'Preferred' version is the best one to get.

Alas, it normally sells for $200, and I've seen it for sale on Amazon and elsewhere for about $140.  Bill found it temporarily on sale at Fry's for only $50 after a $50 rebate.  That's a tremendous deal, and so if you'd like to try out speech recognition software yourself, note that this deal at Fry's only runs through 10 June.

2 thoughts on “Two Bargain Priced Products”

  1. David, there’s a catch to that $50 rebate on Dragon Naturally Speaking. You have to have purchased a previous version of the software or IBM’s ViaVoice software and include that original software’s disk along with your rebate request. I’ve taken advantage of the offer because I’d purchased version 9 and not been able to use it because it was restricted to 32-bit systems.
    According to the Nuance website, version 10 of Naturally Speaking (the one offered on Fry’s) is compatible with 64-bit systems and Windows 7.

  2. Hi, Lou
    Well spotted on the (very fine) print, thanks for sharing it.
    I’m running it on Win7 but 32 bit rather than 64 bit. I believe it may run on 64 bit too but – paradoxically – my 64 bit machine is massively underpowered, while my 32 bit machine is a screamer (well, relatively speaking!).

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