Miscellaneous Weekly Roundup 4 June

There’s an interesting article in USA Today a couple of days ago about the increasing problems experienced by Americans internationally when they try and use their credit cards.  For more commentary and some advice, read my article about What to Do if Your Credit Card is Not Accepted Internationally.

Good news for iPhone users this week – Skype will now operate over a 3G data network as well as via a Wi-Fi connection.  This promised to open up a whole new different approach to phone calls on smart phones, but the promise offered by this liberalization only lasted a few days until when AT&T ended their unlimited data plans.  So now you have the choice between paying AT&T for a voice call, or paying AT&T for a voice/data call.

However, the cost of the data you use for a VoIP type voice call is probably about half a cent a minute; yes, this is an unnecessary cost for calling locally when you have more minutes included in your voice plan then you need to start with, but if you are calling internationally, then half a cent a minute plus whatever Skype (or any of the other VoIP services) charges is greatly less than AT&T’s charge.

Wired magazine, well-known and respected for both its edgy and avant garde commentaries and it’s similarly edgy and avant garde design has launched an iPad version of its print publication.  Wired hoped for it to be a ‘game changer’.  Did they succeed?  Read my three part review here.

Are there bedbugs in your hotel room? How can you tell?  Here is an interesting article, with some perhaps helpful advice, about dirty hotel rooms.

Global warmists worry about the oceans rising, and tell us that some small island nations risk being engulfed by the rising seas and may disappear entirely.  Happily, the reality appears to be the opposite, with some of these thought to be at risk islands actually growing in size over the last few decades.

To continue reading the weekly roundups, click here to visit the week’s Security Horror Story.

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