iPad 10 reasons to love, 10 reasons to hate it

Blogsite gearpatrol.com offers two articles, one with ten reasons to love an iPad and the other with ten reasons to hate it.  Puzzlingly, some reasons (eg web surfing) appear in similar form on both lists.

So which list wins?

For sure, there are some very weak entries on the love list.   Perhaps the weakest is reason #4 is that it gives you an opportunity (need) to buy more accessories, saying ‘ The best part of new products is the need to gear-up and you and we both know how fun that can be’.  What sort of nonsense is this?  I guess these people get really excited and happy when they see the line ‘Batteries not included’ too.

Reason #5 to love the iPad is its operating system.  But, wait – reason #5 on reasons to hate the iPad is also its operating system.  What gives?

And the winning list?  Maybe that’s not a meaningful question – while there are some truly valid points on each list, neither list is likely to end up persuading us either to buy or not buy an iPad.  But if you haven’t yet bought an iPad, you might find the two lists helpful to clarify your thoughts.

As for me, until such time as a ‘must have’ application might appear, I continue to advocate delaying the purchase of an iPad – you’d be well advised to wait for the second generation iPads, and/or for a better competing product – either to buy instead of an iPad, or to then buy an iPad if Apple responds by reducing the iPad price, something they could definitely do if they chose to.

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