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Once or twice each year, we offer special touring opportunities to our readers, giving you a chance to travel somewhere together with other like-minded fellow Travel Insiders, and usually accompanied by Travel Insider David Rowell himself.  Indeed, one of the major features of our touring is the great group of people you get to share the touring with – usually interesting and successful people with plenty of past travel experiences.

Our group travel is quite unlike traditional group travel experiences.  We keep the schedule’s flexibility as high as possible.  For example, if weather changes, or if the group as a whole wish to substitute something for something else, then – if at all possible – we’ll adapt, adopt and improve to ensure the best experience for the group, based on the varying situation and circumstances as they unfold.

We also never over-fill any coaches we charter.  Typically our coaches are no more than two-thirds full, giving people who are traveling alone or who wish a double seat to themselves plenty of room to spread out, and meaning no-one has to suffer a bad seat (eg with a wheel well directly in front).

Where possible, we add some special extra features and experiences into our touring to further enhance your overall experience.

In the past we’ve had tours to many different parts of the world, ranging from Russia and China (and even North Korea) to Scotland’s Islands; from New Zealand to Turkey, and through much/most of western and eastern Europe.

In the future, who knows!  If you have requests or suggestions, by all means let us know.

Here is the schedule of up-coming tours that we plan to operate

Tour Dates Status
New Zealand Epicurean Extravaganza October 2014 A very special tour featuring the finest food and wine available in New Zealand.  Limited to a small group only. Please see


Christmas Markets Cruise December 2014 Our most popular tour, back again for 2014 and this time at an extraordinary special price.  Available for booking now. See


Poseidon Polar Adventure May 2015 An amazing opportunity to enjoy Poseidon’s inaugural cruise on its new vessel Sea Spirit, including up to three days of extra free cruising if you’d like to be their VIP guest for the ship acceptance ceremonies, then cruising to Scotland, the Orkney and Shetland Islands, up to the Faroe Islands, and around Iceland’s coast on this luxury boutique expedition cruise ship.

Dates work out perfectly for this as a ‘pre-tour option’ before the Scotland tour.  Available for booking now.

Scotland’s Islands and Highlands June 2015 This will be the third time we’ve operated this lovely experience, traveling through the ‘secret’ Scotland that few tourists know about or get to visit.  We go to seven different islands, plus spend time on the mainland too.  Available for booking now.


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  1. Do you have the 2016 tours planned? How about Turkey and Greece?

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