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Nov 182016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 18 November 2016

Good morning It has been a very long time since I last wrote to you on a Friday morning.  Our amazing New Zealand tour (and Australian extension) plus, well, ‘life in general’, all conspired to interfere, but here I am again this morning, with a huge variety of items to share with you today in […]

Nov 162016
Internet Access When Traveling Internationally - Problems and Limitations

The last decade has seen a welcome collapse in the cost of placing phone calls on our cell phones while traveling internationally, for all but the most unwary.  If you’re paying more than 20c a minute for international calling, you’re overpaying.  If you’re careful, you can often find even lower rates. But these days, you […]

Sep 292016
The History of Airline Classes and Cabins

Life was once simpler.  There was only one class for passengers on airline flights.  Initially it was a very ‘adventurous’ class – open cockpits and high rates of fatalities. It then evolved to become comparatively luxurious and ridiculously expensive, even extending to sleeper suites – thought of as a modern introduction but actually dating back […]

Aug 112016
2016 Danube Christmas Cruise - New Itinerary Never Before Offered

Here’s a wonderful Christmas Cruise – our favorite tour of all time – and this year with some exciting tweaks and changes to the itinerary.  It gives us more time in key destinations, and some new destinations we’ve never featured in earlier cruises, while omitting the least enjoyable of the commonly included stops. Oh – […]

Apr 292016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 29 April 2016

Good morning Very exciting news this morning.  I’ve regularly been asked to offer another Travel Insider tour of the Eastern Danube, through the Balkans between Budapest and Bucharest.  The 2007 tour I operated was so popular that it sold out and people were on a waitlist for it, but I’ve held off doing the tour […]

Mar 312016
The New Tesla Model 3

The eagerly awaited Tesla Model 3 was announced by Elon Musk on Thursday evening.  There were few surprises (after a steady stream of leaks and good guesses over the last month or two), and the surprises which were present were generally of the good kind. Perhaps the biggest surprise was that the car has already […]

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