May 092014
Weekly Roundup, Friday 9 May 2014

Good morning Happy birthday to Loch Ness monster. Although there are tales of monsters in Loch Ness dating back to the sixth century, the ‘modern’ monster was first ‘discovered’ in early May, 1933.  Some people think that, if there was indeed a monster, it may now be dead, because the sightings have dwindled […]

Feb 282014
Weekly Roundup Friday 28 February 2014

Good morning For once, a week relatively unharmed by weather disruptions. Let’s hope we’ve put that behind us for another winter (ummm – is this where I point out the weather forecast for next week isn’t too good?), and let’s hope the ‘authorities’ – airports, FAA, and airlines – might invest more and […]

Nov 152013
Weekly Roundup Friday 15 November 2013

Good morning Apologies for no newsletter last week.  One of the purposes of this year’s annual fundraising is to cover the costs of some server upgrades, and last week (plus some of this week too) saw us ravaged by the terrible morass of issues that surfaced during our migration to the much more […]

Oct 172013
Handwarmers - Helping Keep You Warm in Wintry Destinations

Some of us are blessed with living in climates that remain warm all year, and the thought of traveling to a cold destination can be off-putting and interfere with what might otherwise be a wonderful travel experience. Speaking as one who has enjoyed considerable time in Russia over many mid-winter seasons, the happy […]

Oct 042013
Weekly Roundup Friday 4 October 2013

Good morning October 1 not only saw our government slightly shrink in size, but also marked the 71st anniversary of the first jet flight in the US, back in 1942 as described on this page. Perhaps as a side-effect of being slow into World War 2, the US lagged behind both Germany and […]

Aug 232013
Weekly Roundup Friday 23 August 2013

Good morning A very quick newsletter this week.  As advised last week, I’m on the road currently, and had not expected to be able to get anything to you, but I managed to write a couple of things. First, I neglected to mention the incipient price rise of our Sri Lanka tour last […]

Aug 152013
Hyperloops, Ion Drives and Other Fanciful Creatures

There have been a number of ‘teaser’ pre-releases over the last several months about a revolutionary new transportation technology that Elon Musk (of Tesla and SpaceX fame) is supporting, and this week saw his official and detailed release. The earlier concepts suggested passenger pods swishing through vacuum tubes at speeds twice that of […]

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