Nov 122014
The Best Tourism Business Opportunity I've Ever Come Across

Send to Kindle I’ve been involved with the international travel industry for close on 30 years, not just because I like to travel, but because I see it as almost the only industry that continues to promise strong growth, and which can withstand the attacks of offshoring, automation and computerization. During the last three decades, I have encountered many ‘sure […]

Jul 242014
Scottevest RFID Blocking 26 Pocket Travel Vest

Scott Jordan has been designing and selling multi-pocketed clothing for over a decade.  His products are doubly distinctive – for having so many pockets in them, and for having a clever way of routing wires for electronic devices through them too.  In addition, he guarantees his jackets as being pickpocket proof (if you […]

May 092014
Weekly Roundup, Friday 9 May 2014

Good morning Happy birthday to Loch Ness monster. Although there are tales of monsters in Loch Ness dating back to the sixth century, the ‘modern’ monster was first ‘discovered’ in early May, 1933.  Some people think that, if there was indeed a monster, it may now be dead, because the sightings have dwindled […]

Nov 152013
Weekly Roundup Friday 15 November 2013

Good morning Apologies for no newsletter last week.  One of the purposes of this year’s annual fundraising is to cover the costs of some server upgrades, and last week (plus some of this week too) saw us ravaged by the terrible morass of issues that surfaced during our migration to the much more […]

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