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Mar 312016
The New Tesla Model 3

The eagerly awaited Tesla Model 3 was announced by Elon Musk on Thursday evening.  There were few surprises (after a steady stream of leaks and good guesses over the last month or two), and the surprises which were present were generally of the good kind. Perhaps the biggest surprise was that the car […]

Feb 042016
The Travel Book in the Electronic Age

Do you remember the ‘good old days’ of impenetrably thick and boring travel guide-books?  Huge big 1 – 2″ thick books, with almost no pictures anywhere, and of obscured (they would often not show publication dates) and highly dubious up-to-date-ness.  They weighed a ton, were a great cure for insomnia, and cost massive […]

Aug 202015
Weekly Roundup, Friday 21 August 2015

Good morning An unusual feature article this week, and in two parts.  Friends visited Tanzania in January, and have been eagerly and excitedly badgering me ever since – to write about it, to go there myself, and perhaps even to take a Travel Insider tour there. As you may have sensed, Africa has […]

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