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Oct 072016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 7 October 2016

Good morning My green ink theory didn’t robustly withstand another week.  After switching to green ink, there was a welcome lift in people kindly joining in this year’s Travel Insider Annual fundraising drive.  We had 42 people join in the first week, then 80 people after the green ink appeared in the second week.  But […]

Sep 092016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 9 September 2016

Good morning It is great to be back once more, although the time away on our Balkans Cruise from Bucharest to Budapest was absolutely wonderful.  Perfect weather, a brilliant cruise, and – as is happily so commonly the case, a wonderful group of Travel Insiders, made for a really great shared experience. The ‘star’ of […]

Jun 102016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 10 June 2016

Good morning A shortish newsletter today.  The main purpose of it is to convey the following article, which makes for dismaying reading. Congress – ever sensitive to the varying gusts of the political wind – decided, unanimously, to hop on the bandwagon of blaming the TSA for the long delays going through airport security.  This […]

May 272016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 27 May 2016

Good morning If you’re lucky, you’ll be going somewhere nice for Memorial Day Weekend.  If you’re very lucky, you’ll be staying home.  Travel – on the roads and in the air – is projected to be either at an all time high, or perhaps the second highest level ever.  I’m in the very lucky category […]

May 202016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 20 May 2016

Good morning Was this the week when every passenger’s frustration boiled over, and we spontaneously all resolved not to accept two hour (and sometimes longer!) waits to go through security any more?  If it wasn’t, it sure should have been, and an eruption of news stories told tales of woe (and, worse, missed flights and […]

Jan 292016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 29 January 2016

Good morning I should have the next paragraph saved somewhere so I can just cut and paste it the several times each year it deserves to be called out.  As it definitely does this week. Yet again we’ve seen the results of the unequal battle between weather and our national aviation system.  Snow, of the […]

Dec 252015
Weekly Roundup, Friday 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas to you So here I am, perhaps the only non shift-worker or retail employee, still working at midnight on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. I’m motivated to do so not from the usual dutiful desire to send you the best of each week’s travel related news and commentary, but rather out due to my great excitement […]

Dec 032015
Weekly Roundup, Friday 4 December 2015

Good morning We’re coming up the home straight of 2015.  I hope it has been a good year for you thus far, and the Christmas season will treat you kindly. Some of us are eagerly counting down the days to our Christmas Markets cruise, starting at the end of next week.  But, alas, our number […]

Oct 022015
Weekly Roundup, Friday 2 October 2015

Good morning October again, already.  And to celebrate the start of my birthday month, which is also the start of our 15th year of continual service, and my (ugh!) looming 60th birthday due to occur near the end of October there’s a lot of special stuff for you this morning.  What first? Would I be […]

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