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Jul 142016
New Higher-Capacity Micro SD Cards Are Great for Travelers

It is a truism that no matter how much data storage capacity one has, in any context, one always fills it and wishes for more.  There is a continual leapfrogging as between new applications and the new larger amounts of data they need; and the more or less balancing effects via increasing capacity and reducing […]

Dec 102015
Bose Quiet Comfort 25 Noise Cancelling Headphones

I wrote last week about the splendid new Solitude XCS2 noise cancelling headphones.  The quick summary of that review is that they offer extraordinary sound quality that is massively better than Bose, but their noise cancelling isn’t quite so good.  Oh yes, and their cost is (currently) one third of the price of the Bose […]

Dec 032015
The Best Sounding (and also Noise Cancelling) Headphones, Ever

I was wrong.  Okay, I’ve said it, can we move on, please! What was I wrong about?  Well, for the longest time, I’ve said it is not possible to get high sound quality in any noise cancelling headphones.  If you want highest quality sound – or so I’ve said – you should get ‘ordinary’ headphones […]

Aug 252014
The Best Way to Store and Play High Quality Digital Music

Recorded music has evolved enormously since its origins in the 1870s, getting better and better until reaching its zenith with the introduction of the CD at the start of the 1980s. Paradoxically, in the last 15 years, while technological advances now allow for a theoretically better quality of music to be recorded and played back […]

Aug 222014
The Only Person You Can Trust For Digital Music Quality Recommendations

We wrote before about how our hearing is imprecise and easily tricked.  If you’ve not read that article yet, and not yet done some of the hearing self-tests linked within it, we recommend you should do so first, so as to quantify your present hearing abilities. So, we will assume that you’ve tested your hearing […]

Aug 192014
Headphone Recommendations - In Ear Headphones

Our first category of headphones to be considered is in-ear headphones.  These are sometimes called earphones or IEMs – ‘In Ear Monitors’. This is actually the hardest recommendation for us to make, because we personally don’t like any in-ear type headphones!  This is not due to any issues of sound quality – the in-ear headphones […]

Aug 192014
Headphone Recommendations - Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you are wanting to listen to music in a noisy environment (in particular, airplanes), or if you just simply want to tune out the noise and relax, and if the in-ear headphones don’t appeal, then you need to consider headphones where the highest priority consideration is noise cancelling rather than sound quality. We strongly […]

Aug 192014
Headphone Recommendations - Around the $100 Range

The idea of buying a quality pair of regular loudspeakers for under $100 would be laughable.  Indeed, it is a struggle to find good quality speakers for less than $1000 a pair. But with headphones, you can find truly great headphones for less than $100. In particular, we recommend the Sony MDR7506 headphones.  Currently available […]

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