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Feb 032017
Weekly Roundup, Friday 3 February, 2017

Good morning For the second week in a row, our new President is impacting on my choice of feature articles.  But his impact last week was generally rated positively, and I hope you’ll like this week’s article too which, in truth, actually is very little about the President, himself. It had been my intention to […]

Dec 232016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 23 December 2016

Good morning Well, just today and tomorrow – two shopping days remaining until the holiday that dares not speak its name.  I hope you’ve bought everything you need for everyone you wish to bestow gifts upon; as for me, I’ve been relying on the Amazon elves to help. While not exactly reindeer and sleds, reader […]

Dec 222016
Amazon's Echo Revisited

I wrote, three weeks ago, about Amazon’s futuristic Echo and Echo Dot devices.  At the time I had only been using my Echo Dot for about a week, and I was underwhelmed by the overall experience, and disappointed at the shortfall between the science-fiction style potential of units and the real world actuality. But, after […]

Dec 012016
Amazon's Echo - Intelligent Voice Control for Your Home and Life?

Amazon has been developing an increasingly sophisticated type of voice controller – called the Echo – that allows you, from anywhere the controller can hear you, to simply speak questions and express commands to it and receive spoken answers and responses back.  Want to order a pizza (or many products from Amazon, of course!)?  Wonder […]

Jun 232016
Why You'll Never Fly in an Electric Plane

We all love hybrid and electric vehicles, right?  Those alluring claims of 100 miles per ‘gallon equivalent of petrol’ (whatever that actually means), the extraordinary sportiness of the Tesla S, or the sturdy economy of a Toyota Prius and its 50+ mpg (of real gasoline, not ‘equivalent’ gas).  No-one can deny, with the next generation […]

May 062016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 6 May 2016

Good morning It has been a busy week for the best possible reason – we now have eight people who rushed to join our Bucharest to Budapest Balkan cruise in late August.  Six of them have traveled with me before (including one lady who will be on her seventh Travel Insider tour!) and the other […]

Mar 312016
The New Tesla Model 3

The eagerly awaited Tesla Model 3 was announced by Elon Musk on Thursday evening.  There were few surprises (after a steady stream of leaks and good guesses over the last month or two), and the surprises which were present were generally of the good kind. Perhaps the biggest surprise was that the car has already […]

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