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Jul 142016
New Higher-Capacity Micro SD Cards Are Great for Travelers

It is a truism that no matter how much data storage capacity one has, in any context, one always fills it and wishes for more.  There is a continual leapfrogging as between new applications and the new larger amounts of data they need; and the more or less balancing effects via increasing capacity and reducing […]

May 262016
Emergency Power for your Phone

The leapfrog match between the ever-increasing power requirements of our smartphones and the ever-increasing power capacities of their batteries – overlaid with a desire to make phones and therefore their batteries ever smaller – means that sometimes, new model phones have even fewer hours of life than older phones.  For example, the new model 6S […]

Mar 312016
The New Tesla Model 3

The eagerly awaited Tesla Model 3 was announced by Elon Musk on Thursday evening.  There were few surprises (after a steady stream of leaks and good guesses over the last month or two), and the surprises which were present were generally of the good kind. Perhaps the biggest surprise was that the car has already […]

Mar 032016
Solving the Problem of Dimly Lit Hotel Rooms

Don’t you hate checking in to your hotel room and finding yourself groping around a dimly lit room, with insufficient lighting to allow you to conveniently read or do other fine-detail work.  Particularly as we get older, our eyes have greater difficulty focusing clearly in lower light – we increasingly need better light in our […]

Feb 252016
Solar Powered Outside Light for Security and General Convenience

As travelers, we spend appreciable time away from our home, and an unoccupied home is an appealing target for burglars. There’s very little we can do to make our homes impregnable.  We can harden them somewhat, but that’s all.  We could add surveillance systems that may aid in the subsequent identification and prosecution of burglars, […]

Feb 042016
The Travel Book in the Electronic Age

Do you remember the ‘good old days’ of impenetrably thick and boring travel guide-books?  Huge big 1 – 2″ thick books, with almost no pictures anywhere, and of obscured (they would often not show publication dates) and highly dubious up-to-date-ness.  They weighed a ton, were a great cure for insomnia, and cost massive amounts of […]

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