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Jun 242016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 24 June 2016

Good morning The last week has seen Britain’s referendum on staying in or leaving the EU reach its culmination with the vote yesterday and decision in favor of leaving the EU, although by the slimmest of margins (51.9%/48.1%). Britain’s relationship with the EU has always been ambiguous (and, going further back into history, has generally […]

Mar 182016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 18 March 2016

Good morning The spring or vernal equinox is Sunday and not only do we already have daylight saving but certainly here in the PNW, spring is in the air, blossom is on the trees, and it is hard not to feel a bit of extra vigor in one’s stride. Last week saw a sad event […]

Mar 172016
Measuring Light and Determining its Sufficiency

We’ve written a couple of recent articles about solar powered outside lights and portable LED lights suitable for traveling with.  But the as yet unanswered question is ‘how much light is enough’?  Please now continue reading. If you find yourself in a hotel room that is too hot or cold, or too dim, it really […]

Mar 042016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 4 March 2016

Good morning Great news.  On the basis that we still had three allocated cabins unsold, I managed to get an extension of time from Amawaterways for the discount on our July cruise in Bordeaux.  So you still can choose to come and enjoy the multiple savings I’ve negotiated for us all on this lovely cruise […]

Mar 032016
Solving the Problem of Dimly Lit Hotel Rooms

Don’t you hate checking in to your hotel room and finding yourself groping around a dimly lit room, with insufficient lighting to allow you to conveniently read or do other fine-detail work.  Particularly as we get older, our eyes have greater difficulty focusing clearly in lower light – we increasingly need better light in our […]

Dec 112015
Weekly Roundup, Friday 11 December 2015

Good morning Tomorrow, I’m off to Europe for our 2015 Christmas Cruise.  Yay.  I hope your own pre-Christmas activities are proving to be similarly pleasant! It is another fact filled Travel Insider newsletter, with two reviews attached to the newsletter.  Last week I reviewed the wonderful new Solitude XCS2 headphones, and this week I review […]

Dec 032015
Weekly Roundup, Friday 4 December 2015

Good morning We’re coming up the home straight of 2015.  I hope it has been a good year for you thus far, and the Christmas season will treat you kindly. Some of us are eagerly counting down the days to our Christmas Markets cruise, starting at the end of next week.  But, alas, our number […]

Nov 132015
Weekly Roundup, Friday 13 November 2015

Good morning Aaagh – a Black Friday today – supposedly an unlucky day for travel!  Be careful out there. Not so unlucky was the last week of our official 2015 Fundraising drive, which saw us break through the 300 count of total supporters, including 17 more super supporters – Steve M, Jim J, Jim W, […]

Oct 162015
Weekly Roundup, Friday 16 October 2015

Good morning Most importantly this morning, something I can do for you.  If you didn’t see it yesterday, please note the attached article below about the astounding business class airfare sale being held yesterday and today by British Airways. Even better news – other airlines are matching the sale, too.  So if BA and Oneworld […]

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