Jan 222015
Weekly Roundup, Friday 23 January 2015

Good morning A quick heads up on our two tours in May and June.  If you’ve been thinking about either, there’s not much time remaining to think – it is now time to decide to come and join in. Our deal is about to expire with Poseidon for the Arctic Expedition in May, and that’s […]

Jan 152015
Weekly Roundup, Friday 16 January 2015

Good morning Is it just me (and wishful thinking) or are the days starting to get perceptibly longer again?  I hope the latter! We are at an exciting point with our Scotland Tour in June.  We now have 14 people signed up, which means that as soon as another person joins, the price for everyone […]

Jan 082015
Weekly Roundup, Friday 9 January 2015

Good morning I hope your 2015 is off to a great start, and your new year resolutions remain intact, at least thus far into the year. This is CES week – the annual Consumer Electronics mega-show in Vegas.  I have a write-up of some of the show’s highlights, in the roundup below, and also attach […]

Jan 082015
A New Competitor for the Airlines?

This week has seen the annual Consumer Electronic Show extravaganza in Las Vegas, and this year has several self-driving car concepts (and realities) being showcased. Audi, for example, arranged for a modified A7 to drive itself to the show from San Francisco (550 miles away).  And BMW demonstrated an intelligent i3. Let’s also not forget […]

Dec 262014
Weekly Roundup, Boxing Day, 26 December 2014

Good morning I do hope your Christmas was filled with fellowship, festive cheer, food and drink, and a few presents too.  And, equally importantly, I hope your travel plans were not interrupted by the latest round of winter-weather.  When will we finally get a sufficiently robust air traffic control and airport ground system to be […]

Dec 182014
Weekly Roundup, Friday 19 December

Good morning We’ve had another couple choose to join our Poseidon Arctic Expedition next May and a single gent has added his name to the list of people coming on the Scotland’s Islands and Highlands tour immediately thereafter. I’m probably going to fly to Warsaw, to arrive on 15 or 16 May, so as to […]

Dec 112014
Weekly Roundup, Friday 12 December

Good morning Our Poseidon Arctic Expedition next May continues to get strong support.  Another four people joined this week, and we now have ten coming along – nearly all of whom are taking advantage of the three free days of bonus cruising at the start of the cruise. There’s been another positive development to the […]

Dec 042014
Weekly Roundup, Friday 5 December

Good morning Wow!  There’s been a lot of interest and response to our May 2015 Poseidon Arctic Expedition.  We now have six passengers signed up for this wonderful voyage from Europe and Scotland, up through the Faroes, north of the Arctic Circle and around Iceland. Three of our group have already been on eight previous […]

Nov 282014
Weekly Roundup, Friday 28 November

Good afternoon or evening My plans to write last night rather collapsed after a lovely large Thanksgiving meal and a glass or three of wine.  Oh well….. Here’s a quick little something for later in your Friday instead, and of course, there was also the unscheduled special email earlier in the week about our expedition […]

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