May 272016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 27 May 2016

Good morning If you’re lucky, you’ll be going somewhere nice for Memorial Day Weekend.  If you’re very lucky, you’ll be staying home.  Travel – on the roads and in the air – is projected to be either at an all time high, or perhaps the second highest level ever.  I’m in the very […]

May 202016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 20 May 2016

Good morning Was this the week when every passenger’s frustration boiled over, and we spontaneously all resolved not to accept two hour (and sometimes longer!) waits to go through security any more?  If it wasn’t, it sure should have been, and an eruption of news stories told tales of woe (and, worse, missed […]

May 062016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 6 May 2016

Good morning It has been a busy week for the best possible reason – we now have eight people who rushed to join our Bucharest to Budapest Balkan cruise in late August.  Six of them have traveled with me before (including one lady who will be on her seventh Travel Insider tour!) and […]

Apr 292016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 29 April 2016

Good morning Very exciting news this morning.  I’ve regularly been asked to offer another Travel Insider tour of the Eastern Danube, through the Balkans between Budapest and Bucharest.  The 2007 tour I operated was so popular that it sold out and people were on a waitlist for it, but I’ve held off doing […]

Apr 152016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 15 April 2016

Good morning It was an exciting week this week.  I generally choose to book international travel about three months prior to departure, and so, a little ahead of schedule, I booked the flights for myself and my daughter Anna to go to France for our lovely French river cruise in Bordeaux, this coming […]

Mar 252016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 25 March 2016

Good Friday morning Another Easter in this curiously Godless nation.  Even though this is my 31st Easter here, it is still strange to see no official recognition of the event, other than stores full of Easter candy. Earlier this week I was trying to arrange for my daughter’s math club to visit the […]

Mar 242016
Security Responses to the Brussels Attacks

Most media are missing the point of the Brussels bombings on Tuesday 22 March. Meanwhile, naive public pressure for simple fast solutions to a complex problem is encouraging inappropriate responses that attempt to pacify the public by offering greater inconvenience in the hope that will be seen as greater security. First, let’s put the […]

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