Feb 042016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 5 February 2016

Good morning I nearly had to say ‘the dog ate my homework’ – my lovely German Shepherd, Sophie, shifted at my feet under the desk a short while ago and in doing so, caused the power plug that runs to my computer to come out of the wall.  Ooops!  But as good fortune […]

Jan 292016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 29 January 2016

Good morning I should have the next paragraph saved somewhere so I can just cut and paste it the several times each year it deserves to be called out.  As it definitely does this week. Yet again we’ve seen the results of the unequal battle between weather and our national aviation system.  Snow, […]

Jan 222016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 22 January 2016

Good morning Happy birthday, yesterday, to the Concorde.  It was 40 years ago on Thursday that saw this, the absolutely most beautiful of all planes, ever, take to the skies on its first ever commercial flight (as so voted by Travel Insider readers and pretty much everyone else, too). In among the global warming, […]

Jan 082016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 8 January 2016

Good morning I hope that 2016 is off to a great start for you, and that, one week in, your new year resolutions remain intact. I know some of you have resolved to travel somewhere special this year, and we have three different temptations for you. In July, we have our French river […]

Dec 252015
Weekly Roundup, Friday 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas to you So here I am, perhaps the only non shift-worker or retail employee, still working at midnight on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. I’m motivated to do so not from the usual dutiful desire to send you the best of each week’s travel related news and commentary, but rather out due to my […]

Dec 112015
Weekly Roundup, Friday 11 December 2015

Good morning Tomorrow, I’m off to Europe for our 2015 Christmas Cruise.  Yay.  I hope your own pre-Christmas activities are proving to be similarly pleasant! It is another fact filled Travel Insider newsletter, with two reviews attached to the newsletter.  Last week I reviewed the wonderful new Solitude XCS2 headphones, and this week […]

Dec 032015
Weekly Roundup, Friday 4 December 2015

Good morning We’re coming up the home straight of 2015.  I hope it has been a good year for you thus far, and the Christmas season will treat you kindly. Some of us are eagerly counting down the days to our Christmas Markets cruise, starting at the end of next week.  But, alas, […]

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