Aug 202015
Weekly Roundup, Friday 21 August 2015

Good morning An unusual feature article this week, and in two parts.  Friends visited Tanzania in January, and have been eagerly and excitedly badgering me ever since – to write about it, to go there myself, and perhaps even to take a Travel Insider tour there. As you may have sensed, Africa has […]

Jul 162015
Weekly Roundup, Friday 17 July 2015

Good morning I included a short piece last week about your rights if/when hotels are overbooked and refuse to accept your confirmed reservation. It attracted quite a lot of interest, comments and questions, and so I’ve massively increased it in size (now at 4000 words!) and republished it as a standalone article. Unlike […]

Apr 232015
Weekly Roundup, Friday 24 April 2015

Good morning Tomorrow is a very solemn day in New Zealand and Australia, perhaps the most solemn in the last 100 years. It marks the 100th anniversary of what we term ‘Anzac Day’, a date that commemorates the huge losses suffered by both NZ and Australia during the ill-fated Gallipoli campaign in World […]

Apr 022015
Weekly Roundup, Good Friday 3 April 2015

Good morning It is a strange thing in this semi-Christian country.  Easter – perhaps the most significant event in the Christian calendar – is much less a celebration than it was in New Zealand.  Few signs of hot cross buns, and the occasional marshmallow filled Easter Egg is obscured by all sorts of […]

Mar 262015
Weekly Roundup, Friday 27 March 2015

Good morning This is (almost) a single topic newsletter this morning.  The usual varied compilation will be offered again next week. It is amazing, isn’t it, how we can change our perspective on air travel in an instant.  There we are, sometimes going a year or longer without any fatal crashes, at least […]

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