Dec 112014
Weekly Roundup, Friday 12 December

Good morning Our Poseidon Arctic Expedition next May continues to get strong support.  Another four people joined this week, and we now have ten coming along – nearly all of whom are taking advantage of the three free days of bonus cruising at the start of the cruise. There’s been another positive development to the […]

Dec 042014
Weekly Roundup, Friday 5 December

Good morning Wow!  There’s been a lot of interest and response to our May 2015 Poseidon Arctic Expedition.  We now have six passengers signed up for this wonderful voyage from Europe and Scotland, up through the Faroes, north of the Arctic Circle and around Iceland. Three of our group have already been on eight previous […]

Nov 282014
Weekly Roundup, Friday 28 November

Good afternoon or evening My plans to write last night rather collapsed after a lovely large Thanksgiving meal and a glass or three of wine.  Oh well….. Here’s a quick little something for later in your Friday instead, and of course, there was also the unscheduled special email earlier in the week about our expedition […]

Nov 202014
Weekly Roundup, Friday 21 November

Good morning Our Scotland’s Islands and Highlands tour continues to excite, and we now have nine people who have chosen to come enjoy this lovely experience next June. One of the questions people have been asking is how best to get to Glasgow for the start of the tour, and how best to fly home […]

Nov 072014
Weekly Roundup, Friday 7 November 2014

Good morning Our marvelous New Zealand tour ended earlier this week; I’m writing this quick note in Christchurch and will be flying home on Saturday. Although all Travel Insider tours are generally wonderful, it was the consensus of everyone on the tour that this was our best tour ever. The weather cooperated, we had some […]

Oct 172014
Weekly Roundup, Friday 17 October, 2014

Good morning This is a smaller than usual newsletter this week, and the next several weeks will probably be similar.  Some unexpected pressing matters have taken my attention this week (albeit in a positive good way, I hope) and next week I’m traveling with a group of Travel Insiders to New Zealand. I’ve been variously writing, […]

Oct 092014
Weekly Roundup, Friday 10 October, 2014

Good morning And a very happy birthday to one of our favorite Queens.  Queen Mary.  The lovely old ship, although moored alongside the wharf in Long Beach since 1967. And an even happier birthday to the world’s ‘oldest airline’ – KLM, turning 95.  The company was formed on 7 Oct, 1919, and claims to be […]

Oct 022014
Weekly Roundup, Friday 3 October, 2014

Good morning What an awful week it has been with strikes, threats of strikes, and even fires, oh yes, and of course, a bit of weather too, all disrupting our plans and adding an unwanted additional element of uncertainty.  Let’s hope for a better week next week. More positively, it was an exciting week for […]

Sep 252014
Weekly Roundup, Friday 26 September, 2014

Good morning There’s no fool like an old fool, or so the saying goes.  I was reminded of this last Friday afternoon; I spent the entire afternoon (and much of the evening) on the phone with T-Mobile, struggling to straighten out billing issues to do with the new iPhones I received that day.  I also […]

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