Feb 272015
Weekly Roundup, Friday 27 February 2015

Good morning It has been another disgraceful week for the US air transport network, with weather related excuses erupting all over, yet again. How do you know the difference between a weather related excuse and a valid weather related reason (for flight delays and cancellations)?  It is difficult, but it is also fair […]

Feb 192015
Weekly Roundup, Friday 20 February 2015

Good morning Winter weather has been giving our airlines – and those of us forced to travel on them – a continued beating.  When will we reach the stage of enlightenment where we no longer accept ‘bad weather’ as an excuse for bad airline performance and a refusal to ‘harden’ their systems to […]

Jan 302015
Weekly Roundup, Friday 30 January 2015

Good morning Our Scotland’s Islands and Highlands tour has grown again, causing also its per person price to shrink.  We’re now at 18 people and the cost per person, originally $3295, is now delightfully down to $3045.  Another couple would see it drop further to $2995. So there are 18 people all hoping […]

Jan 222015
Weekly Roundup, Friday 23 January 2015

Good morning A quick heads up on our two tours in May and June.  If you’ve been thinking about either, there’s not much time remaining to think – it is now time to decide to come and join in. Our deal is about to expire with Poseidon for the Arctic Expedition in May, […]

Jan 152015
Weekly Roundup, Friday 16 January 2015

Good morning Is it just me (and wishful thinking) or are the days starting to get perceptibly longer again?  I hope the latter! We are at an exciting point with our Scotland Tour in June.  We now have 14 people signed up, which means that as soon as another person joins, the price […]

Jan 082015
Weekly Roundup, Friday 9 January 2015

Good morning I hope your 2015 is off to a great start, and your new year resolutions remain intact, at least thus far into the year. This is CES week – the annual Consumer Electronics mega-show in Vegas.  I have a write-up of some of the show’s highlights, in the roundup below, and […]

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