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Aug 042016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 5 August 2016

Good morning I returned back from our lovely Bordeaux river cruise on Tuesday.  We enjoyed outstanding weather and a wonderful itinerary taking us around many of the fabled wineries and towns in the Bordeaux region – names and places that until now I’d only ever seen on expensive wine bottle labels.  Amawaterways continues to lift […]

Jun 242016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 24 June 2016

Good morning The last week has seen Britain’s referendum on staying in or leaving the EU reach its culmination with the vote yesterday and decision in favor of leaving the EU, although by the slimmest of margins (51.9%/48.1%). Britain’s relationship with the EU has always been ambiguous (and, going further back into history, has generally […]

May 062016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 6 May 2016

Good morning It has been a busy week for the best possible reason – we now have eight people who rushed to join our Bucharest to Budapest Balkan cruise in late August.  Six of them have traveled with me before (including one lady who will be on her seventh Travel Insider tour!) and the other […]

Apr 292016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 29 April 2016

Good morning Very exciting news this morning.  I’ve regularly been asked to offer another Travel Insider tour of the Eastern Danube, through the Balkans between Budapest and Bucharest.  The 2007 tour I operated was so popular that it sold out and people were on a waitlist for it, but I’ve held off doing the tour […]

Mar 182016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 18 March 2016

Good morning The spring or vernal equinox is Sunday and not only do we already have daylight saving but certainly here in the PNW, spring is in the air, blossom is on the trees, and it is hard not to feel a bit of extra vigor in one’s stride. Last week saw a sad event […]

Feb 122016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 12 February 2016

Good morning Happy birthdays this week to two different but both revolutionary things – the helicopter, now turning 80, and the 747, which first flew 47 years ago. Some doubt exists as to whether we’ll see the 747 still being sold in time for its 50th anniversary, and the helicopter is a device that while […]

Feb 042016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 5 February 2016

Good morning I nearly had to say ‘the dog ate my homework’ – my lovely German Shepherd, Sophie, shifted at my feet under the desk a short while ago and in doing so, caused the power plug that runs to my computer to come out of the wall.  Ooops!  But as good fortune would have […]

Jan 082016
Weekly Roundup, Friday 8 January 2016

Good morning I hope that 2016 is off to a great start for you, and that, one week in, your new year resolutions remain intact. I know some of you have resolved to travel somewhere special this year, and we have three different temptations for you. In July, we have our French river cruise in […]

Dec 252015
Weekly Roundup, Friday 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas to you So here I am, perhaps the only non shift-worker or retail employee, still working at midnight on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. I’m motivated to do so not from the usual dutiful desire to send you the best of each week’s travel related news and commentary, but rather out due to my great excitement […]

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